National Workshop on How to publish Scholarly Books & Open Access

Registration fee for Participants/ Delegates/ Research Scholars/ Students: Rs.100/- in cash. An additional amount of Rs. 100/= will be charged from those participants who will register after 3rd September, 2022. All Participants will be given e-Certificates

Scholarly publishing environment is evolving
rapidly in many ways with more options and
decisions with the scholarly writers. The
publishing landscape has also seen the rise of
open access publishing made possible by the
availability of technology to accomplish the
publishing and distribution of scholarly works.
Open access publishing allows works to be
read and used by more people across the
globe. Many publishers have embraced new
models of scholarly publishing to
accommodate open access in the 21st century
for both books and scholarly articles.

  • Event Date: 06-Sep-2022
  • Venue: Ibn Khaldun Auditorium, Allama Iqbal Library
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